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Electrical problems in a vehicle can be difficult to diagnose on your own. Our qualified mechanics at Castoro make informed diagnoses using high-tech machinery to determine the source of the problems and quickly repair them. This service extends to the entire electrical system, which consists of car batteries, starters, alternators, and other miscellaneous electrical components.

How to Identify the Need for Service

Your electrical system will show that it needs repair in a number of ways. The most obvious one will be that the vehicle won't start. As you turn the key in the ignition, you may hear grinding, clicking or nothing at all. In some cases, your vehicle will run just fine, but the headlights will be dim at low speeds. Another manifestation of a problem is the failure of interior and dashboard lights to illuminate. We have seen all of these problems before and know exactly how to restore full functionality to your vehicle.

Battery Repair

Battery replacement tends to be costly. As such, the Castoro specialists will do our very best to repair your battery so you can dodge the expense. With our high-end computerized systems, testing and inspection of your battery only take minutes. This will determine whether or not it is repairable and how much life it has left. When it's not repairable, we'll recommend an affordable replacement.

Some of the common repairs we perform on car batteries are cleaning corrosion from cable ends and replacing battery cable ends. Contact our shop to hear more about the battery repair services we offer.

Starter Repair

The signs of a faulty starter are very similar to those of a dead battery. They can also be confused with charging system problems. Thus, it can be difficult to determine where the problem is. Our diagnostic devices will determine the components responsible for the symptoms and will address the issue quickly.

Alternator repair

If your vehicle has dim headlights, starter problems, a dead battery, makes a growling noise, or smells like burning rubber, then you might have a bad alternator. Our experienced service professionals will inspect each component of your electrical system and talk you through options of replacing the bad alternator.